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Re: Status of Anasazisaurus, Naashoibitosaurus, Maleevosaurus and Saurophaganax

Dawn Ranelli wrote-

> And is Epanterias a synonym of either Allosaurus of Saurophaganax?

Epanterias amplexus (Cope 1878) is based on an axis, mid cervical centrum,
first dorsal neural arch, coracoid and distal metatarsal IV. The axial
intercentrum is not dorsally rotated, without a flared rim, and an
anteriorly semicircular odontoid process. These are like A. fragilis, not A.
sp. nov.. Compared to Saurophaganax, it has differently oriented cervical
parapophyses, and no dorsal paraspinal lamina. Thus, Chure (2000) refers
Epanterias to Allosaurus fragilis, though he says Epanterias has a less
laterally compressed axial centrum, less rectangular distal outline of
metatarsal IV and better developed lateral condyle in that element. I
provisionally agree, but Chure never adresses the differences he finds,
which is confusing.

Mickey Mortimer