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So how intelligent were troodontids?

Good day!
Recently I was looking at the dinosdaur EQ table. It's quite interesting that a 
single group of (although morphologically different) animals can vary in the 
relative brain size very rapidly. If sauropods have lowest EQ (about 0.2), it's 
understandable ok, since of their enormous size and relatively small head. But 
what about prosauropods? In one of EQ tables I've seen they are placed on the 
lowest end even lower than sauropods. That's strange. Large theropods have EQ 
values at 0.9-1.5 (2), which is less than I have expected. And as for 
troodontids (EQ up to 5.8), were they more or less relatively intelligent than 
modern birds? I mean, intelligence of birds is various. Ravens can even make 
tools, while e.g. hans (or Galliformes in general) are much more "stupid". I 
know that dinosaur EQ values can be compared only with those of a modern 
reptiles, not birds. Some sources state, that troodontids were as clever as 
modern birds, some that they were "not even as clever". Where's t!
 true? thanks

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