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Re: A "new" theory on Oviraptor philoceratops (I think)

> Turtle-headed sea snakes only eat fish eggs.

Incredible. :-o

> Hummingbirds only drink
> nectar (albeit from various species of flower).

They are dependent on tiny insects for protein. If there are no insects on
their flowers (which e. g. can happen in captivity), they die.

> Do pandas eat anything other than bamboo?

Insects are news to me, but as I wrote, they also occasionally eat bamboo
rats (as seen on TV). These are pretty big rodents.

> I suspect there are a lot of species with exceptionally specialised
> diets. If a particular food source can not be eaten by anything else,
> the lack of competition can make dietry specialisation an attractive
> option.

Of course. But I also suspect that few such species are vertebrates or of
vertebrate size.