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RE: Status of Anasazisaurus, Naashoibitosaurus, Maleevosaurus and Saurophaganax

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> Mike Taylor
> Dear HPs,
> I wonder if any anyone can comment on the current status of the
> following genera?
>       Anasazisaurus and Naashoibitosaurus (=? Kritosaurus)
>       Maleevosaurus (=? Tarbosaurus)
>       Saurophaganax (=? Allosaurus)
> Are these referrals generally accepted?  And does anyone have refs for
> the referals?

I won't speak for the hadrosaurids (although I buy them as Kritosaurus!),
but all recent work on tyrannosaurids includes Maleevosaurus as a juvenile
Tarbosaurus. The Saurophaganax situation has less agreement: some (e.g.,
Smith) consider it as A. maximus; others as a distinct taxon.  I can say
that the most complete description of this taxon is in press, so folks
should wait for the paper.  (Wow, it's been awhile since I wrote that!)

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