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Re: dino symposium? (long)

In a message dated 12/19/2003 9:18:36 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
Kcarpenter@dmns.org writes:

< Thanks Yvonne. Sounds like it was a good symposium (even if some of the 
comments sound like re-inventing the wheel).>

Yes, thank you to Yvonne for taking the time to write up the happenings.  It is 
too bad that more people weren't in attendance, but:

-Most people have to plan their travel well in advance, so even a month's 
notice isn't enough.

-It is helpful to have accommodations included with a symposium package.  Even 
if the symposium is free, out of town attendees like to have help in planning 
flights, hotel reservations, and safe/efficient methods for getting to the 

-A social event ties the meeting together.

-December is a busy time for most people, so maybe it could be held in the