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Brief Peter Jackson Comments On Kong Remake

from an interview...


As a movie film, youre now going to remake one of the greatest films of
all time: KING KONG. We talked to Fran and Philippa about it; they said
that youre going to throw out the old script, and go on with something
else. Tonally, what are you going for: is this going to be more of an
adventure film?

What were doing with KONG now, and its a lesson that we learned from LORD
OF THE RINGS what interests us about KONG is to actually treat it very
real. Thats sort of what we did with RINGS, which is to say, we have the
fantasy elements; we have the Balrog, and the trolls, and the orcs, and
elves, and dwarves, and things, but were going to write it with a degree
of truth, if you like. Truth within the world that this story exists. So,
we tried to eliminate a lot of artifice and simplicity from it, and let
the actors play the roles as genuinely as they could, and with as much
depth and true spirit. We think that KONG is going to be interesting, if
we do that with KONG now. Our first script that we wrote was a very
Hollywood, sort of INDIANA JONES-y type thing. Now, we think its going to
be much more interesting to treat it real. How would you react if you went
to an island and found dinosaurs and a giant gorilla? How would you react
if you see the woman being kidnapped by the gorilla? If you were the
woman, how would you react if you were kidnapped by the gorilla? What
*would* you do? The exploration of what you would do, and how you would
feel, and who is Kong, and why is he doing this, and what does he
represent? Our interest now lies in writing a script that will be very
different to our original script, writing a script which now has a lot of
emotional truth to it.

Closer to the 33 version as opposed to the De Laurentiis version?

Well, were basing it on the 33 version. The De Laurentiis version was
somebody else remaking the 33 version. We are also remaking the 33
version, so we are obviously basing it on a movie that I love.

And Naomi Watts is pretty much guaranteed?

It seems that way. Were in the last stages  Universal is doing the deal
with her agents. Its about to close.