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Re: Brief Peter Jackson Comments On Kong Remake

>> What were doing with KONG now, and its a lesson that we learned from LORD OF 
>> THE RINGS what interests us about KONG is to actually treat it very real. 
>> Thats sort of what we did with RINGS, which is to say, we have the fantasy 
>> elements; we have the Balrog, and the trolls, and the orcs, and elves, and 
>> dwarves, and things, but were going to write it with a degree of truth, if 
>> you like. <<

Boy oh boy... Call me hypercritical, but if Jackson means to do what he says 
here, and "The Return of the King" is any indication of what is in store for 
Kong, I'll wait for the video. (Yes, I'm a Tolkien fan... have been for 
years... and that cartoonish caricature of a movie called "The Return of the 
King", sorry to say, has made me change my mind about Peter Jackson's film 
making abilities.)