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Re: Deccan produced global warming that was over before the K-T boundary

I hope this helps:

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The horizontal axis represents some 300,000 years, the vertical one is the
ratio of the osmium isotopes. The spike is greatly understated. It coincides
with the iridium anomaly and the mass extinction.

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> The decline mentioned above (which ends a steady state)starts near the end
of magnetic chron 30N, is gradual, and ends some 100,000 years before the
K-T boundary; superimposed on the new steady state a very narrow and
extremely high respectively deep spike occurs at the boundary. The spike is
ascribed to the meteorite*, the decline to the major episode of Deccan
volcanism. During the decline global temperatures are higher than before and
afterwards; temperatures return to normal when the decline ends and do not
change around the K-T boundary.
> * At the same time a huge spike in the total amount of osmium and of
course iridium occurs. The mass extinction also happens at this time.
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