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Re: Brief Peter Jackson Comments On Kong Remake(JOKE)

My take on a few things:

> How would you react if you went to an island and found dinosaurs and a
giant gorilla?<


>How would you react if you see the woman being kidnapped by the gorilla?<

Say"OH S***!!! She's being  kidnapped by a GIANT GORILLA!"

>If you were the woman, how would you react if you were kidnapped by the

Say"OH S***!!! I'M being kidnapped by a GIANT GORILLA!"

>What*would* you do? The exploration of what you would do, and how you would
feel, and who is Kong, and why is he doing this, and what does he represent?
Our interest now lies in writing a script that will be very different to our
original script, writing a script which now has a lot of emotional truth to

The"emotional truth"would involve the need for a change of underwear after
THOSE scenarios!

John Bridgman