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Re: So how intelligent were troodontids?

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> > Thomas de Wilde
> >
> > I never believed that the size of the brain had an impact on the
> > intelligence, since most of the brain is used to control the body, not
> > think.
> However, since intelligence takes place in the brain, you need to have a
> substantial central processing unit to run that software.
> > off course with a brain the size of golf ball, it would be a rather
> > instinctive animal (I hate it when somebody calls a dino stupid).
> > But group hunters like nychus and raptor surely needed to be rather
> >
> First off, there is NO (count them, no) evidence that Velociraptor was a
> pack hunter.  There is some evidence that Deinonychus was: see list
> for details.
> Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence that even Deinonychus engaged
> in pack hunting as sophisticated as shown on recent TV shows or relatively
> recent movies!  Or, for that matter, as sophisticated as wolf packs or
> prides.

Wishful thinking
Now I'm not an expert (yet), I hope to become one in a few years, But
Deinonychus took the place of Utahraptor, and by the theory of darwin this
should mean that Deinonychus was the most succesful of both, despite their
seize. So somehow they must have been better hunters & Since they had to
overcome prey that was way bigger than they were, they had to hunt somehow
sophisticated. (Tell me if I'm wrong I can handle it, I still have to learn
a lot)