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Re: So how intelligent were troodontids?

At 12:32 PM +0100 12/20/03, David Marjanovic wrote:
Then there's the problem of missing research. Remember how chimps were
celebrated when it was found out they are capable of getting the idea of...
OK, shorter sentences: You know the famous experiment: banana hanging from
ceiling, chimp on the floor can't reach it, boxes lying around, chimp puts
boxes under banana and wins. On TV I've seen a honeybadger doing that in the
wild (it rolled some tree trunk)!!! We seemingly don't have a good idea of
what intelligence feats are special.

I've watched one of the local squirrels casing out our bird feeder. He climbed the nearest tree and went as close as possible on a branch, gauged the distance, and decided he couldn't make it. Then he climbed the fence and went through the same exercise. Then he tried a second tree, and climbed the pole supporting the clothes line, doing the same thing. He obviously knew what he was doing.

I doubt that 'intelligence' is generalizable beyond a few special cases. Squirrels are climbers and leapers; evolution selects for success in leaping. But this leaves a host of questions about what is intelligence, which hasn't been fully defined for humans. -- Jeff Hecht