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Hesperosaurus mjosi

Good evening everyone,

As anyone who regularly reads my messages will notice, most follow the trend of substantiating the inspiration for various generic and specific names.

This message is no different, but rather then being totally in the dark, I have a more direct question.
While researching _Hesperosaurus mjosi_, I came across an explanation of the name to the effect of "...western reptile and Ron Mjosi the collector."

I'm sure "Western reptile or lizard" is the proper translation of the generic name, but is Ron Mjosi the inspiration of the specific name? And is it M-J-O-S-I or M-J-O-S with an i added to Latinize the name?

A simple "yes/no" answer will be sufficient, but a good explanation would be greatly appreciated.

And Seasons Greetings to you all :-)
Tommy Bradley

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