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RE: Sauroparental care

"I'm sure sauropods had reason to dig every now and then.  Pushing up dirt
for nests, digging for water in a dried up water hole, looking for salt.  IF
elephants can dig a few feet in search for water, sauropods probably could
too.  Dig holes, sure, they weighed several tons, I don't think they'd have
much of a problem moving SOME dirt.  Burrows on the other hand....whole
other issue."

Though not doubting Elephants (or Sauropods) can move some earth about with
their feet, I'm pretty sure elephants mainly use their tusks in digging,
perhaps pushing the loosened earth away with their feet. I can't remember
seeing a sauropod with tusks, but this maybe the use for the claw. Which may
not have been as easily manipulated as the tusk of an elephant.
As Ken has quite rightly pointed out it's difficult to go beyond specualtion
and analogy on this sort of subject.

And if anyone ever finds a fossilised sauropod burrow...

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