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Dear DMLers
there was a broadcast of WWSM recently on a French channel.Regardless of the 
show,I saw an unusual view of T. swimming underwater,with an explanation given 
for its long neck (actually the same as plesiosaurs): that it helped lurking 
into fish "benches"(?) without these latter noticing the big body behind.Then 
there was this scene where the reporter pulls on the animal's tail and this 
last one breaks off like in modern lizards.I don't think prolacertiforms and 
lacertiforms are so closely related as to show such a behavior.
So here are my questions:
1-is there any evidence that T. could swimm underwater as shown in the fiction?
2-has the evolution of a long neck been suggested for this kind of fishing?
3-is there any evidence that long-tailed prolacertiforms could lose part of 
their tail and still live?
Thanks in advance for the answers
Merry Xmas and happy new year to all