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RE: New Evidence Supports Global Methane Release 600 mya

>>Where did the methane come from? "It probably arose from deposits
>known as
>>methane hydrates," said Jiang. "Methane hydrates likely were
>widespread in
>>sediments deposited under very cold conditions and would have been 
>>released as a gas at the end of this ice age, rapidly warming Earths 
>>climate." ...

>Perhaps I'm missing some part of this; but dosn't this create a circular
argument?  If Methane hydrates were 
>deposited because of very cold conditions, then presumably a warmer
condition is necessary to release them.  If the 
>warmer condition is a result of Methane hydrates in the atmosphere, how did
they get released to form the warmer 
>climate?, Or is it that the release just accelerated the process?

>Bill Hinchman

The end-Permian version of this had, if memory serves, a "natural" warming
after the methane hydrates were trapped. This released the methane, causing
an increased heating effect. The model in both cases assumes cold period
followed by warm period in a cyclic system.
The source of the methane in the methane hydrates has not yet been
discussed. A huge amount of organic matter is required to produce the
methane levels suggested.

Let's hope I remembered that correctly

David Craven
Bolton Museum

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