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Re: parental care (cobra)

In a message dated 12/22/2003 3:22:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
mbh3q@virginia.edu writes:

> there is some evidence from zoo collections (including one in
> which I worked for some time) that Solomon Islands skinks show maternal care
> of the offspring.  This is, however, not much more than a 
> hunch based on
> circumstantial evidence at present.

     I have met several keepers of solomon island skinks that have seen 
examples of this.  It's not only for particular offspring, as the adults seem 
to be overly protective of ANY young of the species.  Many adults, very tame, 
and acclimated to captivity(and some even captive bred) will attack you if you 
mess with a baby.  This seem to be the main reason people experience a bite 
from one of these ordinarily docile, slow moving herbivores.  The fact that the 
babies usually hang around the parents makes it risky to handle them when 
young, the adults will attack.  It's very cute, although most people that DO 
get bit say it's the most painful bite they've ever had--big head+teeth+eat 
tough plants= REALLY powerful jaws.