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Re:When Dinosaurs Roamed America (Deliberate Misinformation)

Phil Hore of the National Dinosaur Museum wrote:
 "One thing I dislike is deliberate misinformation....
 how many "polar allosaurs",Muttaburrasaurus,and Leallynasaura have been
found in Antarctica?We Australians were devistated when Walking with
Dinosaurs came out and listed our lovely dinos as belonging to Antarctica."

I know how you feel about misinformation presented as fact in what are
supposed to be scientific documentaries (or movies supposedly using
paleontological research for their reconstructions)

In"When Dinosaurs Roamed America",for instance,an Allosaurus fragilis makes
a surprise attack on an unsuspecting Ceratosaurus nasicornis that is on the
chase against a pair of Dryosaurus altus.This Allosaurus is not only too big
(it rivaled Tyrannosaurus rex in size),but also too heavily built for it's
species.(I think they overestimate the size based on those scrappy remains
of what some refer to as"Saurophaganax")
Even if some were that big,they wouldn't ALL be that big,(as they were all
shown in WDRA).On average they are closer to 25 to 30 feet at the
most.Therefore,adult Ceratosaurus would be more accurately portrayed as a
potential rival to Allosaurus than one of it's common prey items.As
Ceratosaurus nasicornis is my personal favorite dinosaur,I can sympathise
with those T.rex fans irritated with the portrayal of Tyrannosaurus rex
being inferior to (the Hollywood version at least) of Spinosaurus
aegyptiacus in "Jurassic Park 3".I once heard someone in a movie theater
after seeing that movie state that "Spinosaurus preyed on Tyrannosaurus in
prehistoric times."
The Stegosaurus in WDRA was also too large when compared to the
Ceratosaurus.Since the ceratosaur was the same one from scene to scene,it
was 20' long.The stegosaur it came in contact with appeared to be 25 to 30
feet long.That is the estimated size for S.armatus,but this stegosaur was
clearly S.stenops (one of WDRA's finer models),which only measures 20' long.

 John Bridgman