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Re: Sauroparental care

On Tuesday, December 23, 2003, at 03:14  AM, Ken Carpenter wrote:

I don't quite know why you insist on posting your reply to the entire list since you are shooting yourself in the foot. I bring to the table, 30 years of dinosaur paleontology, 200 scientific publications, 7 books, including "Eggs, Nests and Baby Dinosaur." What do you bring to draw from?

A brain, as rudimentary as it might be. Just because I don't have your quals and expertise (in this field), doesn't mean I should be condescended to. Just because you've been doing something for three decades doesn't necessarily mean you're good at it - you may be, I don't know. I do hope your work is better than your manners.

I've never once implied anything like "I think it, therefore it must be." Nope - more like "I think it, therefore it might be." Perfectly valid philosophies have come from lay-people over the centuries.

You say in another message, "speculation... forms the basis for developing a hypothesis". That's all I've been doing. And yet you continue to make haughty and supercilious comments about my ideas - why is this?

Peter M

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For fun:

<zone65@bigpond.com> 22/Dec/03 >>>
I wasn't getting personal - I have no idea who you are, so it's not
possible. Just defending my honestly-posited speculations, which you
attacked for no reason. You compared my thinking to that of
Creationists, remember? All I was doing was making some postulations
which you unreasonably took to be groundless theories. Who's sloppy? No
need for the paleo-than-thou insults.

How about reasoned repudiation of my crazy ideas rather than baseless
ridicule? Other folks have been very nice indeed, and informative too.

Cheer up!


On Tuesday, December 23, 2003, at 02:03  AM, Ken Carpenter wrote:

careful about getting personal. I could retort with what sloppy

Watch that sentence structure, especially when accusing one of sloppiness. Seriously, take it easy.

Peter M