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dinosaur planet and Dinotopia

Delurking again.

I was watching the dinosaur planet series and had a
couple of questions.

Could somebody please tell me the name of the
sauropods in the Alpha story.  I couldn't make out the
name the narrator was calling them.

I thought there was something peculiar in the motion
of their front legs.  To me it looked as though their
legs bent back too far in the middle when they were

Also wouldn't they  have more likely completely
covered their eggs with vegetation if they did cover
them up, instead of just leaving them partially

Also couldn't make out the name of the type of
dinosaur Pod was.

Also noticed some Dinotopia DVD's on sale.  I know
it's a kids show and probably a cartoon but would it
be worth getting for the pictures.  I think it was on
TV but didn't see it.

Which TV series (not kids or cartoons) is the best for
getting the DVD's of?


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