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Re: dinosaur planet and Dinotopia

---Lora Nelson wrote:
>Could somebody please tell me the name of the
>sauropods in the Alpha story.  I couldn't make out the
>name the narrator was calling them.

Saltasaurus, IIRC.
>Also couldn't make out the name of the type of
>dinosaur Pod was.


>Also noticed some Dinotopia DVD's on sale.  I know
>it's a kids show and probably a cartoon but would it
>be worth getting for the pictures.  I think it was on
>TV but didn't see it.
IMHO, Dinotopia was released towards a midpoint between kids and adults.  It is 
not a cartoon and it the flopped series that ran briefly on ABC during the 
evenings.  I personally don't recommend it. It may give you a headache, 

>Which TV series (not kids or cartoons) is the best for
>getting the DVD's of?

"M*A*S*H". ^_^

Nick Gardner
aim s/n Eoraptor22

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