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RE: Sauroparental care

>>> From: Richard W. Travsky [mailto:rtravsky@uwyo.edu]
>>> One thought that occurred to me is that, for sauropods at least, is 
>>> that creatures that size would need a great deal of food themselves. 
>>> Would they not strip the immediate area if they were hanging around to 
>>> provide care?

>>There's probably a great deal of niche partitioning going on between an
>>sauropod and a hatchling -- the hatchling is much smaller, and
>>can't reach as high off the ground.   It's presumably nibbling on ferns,
>>while the parents are pushing over/denuding trees.

>>On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 03:04:29PM -0000, Craven, David scripsit:
>> It's not unknown for animals to near-starve themselves when rearing 
>> young. So this is not a given.

>Q. Should I top reply?
>A. No

Yes, thank you. Caught myself on this as soon as I'd done it. It's a (bad)

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