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Re: dinosaur planet and Dinotopia

>IMHO, Dinotopia was released towards a midpoint between kids and 
>adults.  It is not a cartoon and it the flopped series that ran 
>briefly on ABC during the evenings.  I personally don't recommend 
>it. It may give you a headache, seriously.
"Avoid at all costs" would be more helpful. What I saw of it didn't 
give me a headache, but it did fill me with an insatiable appetite 
for destruction. Seriously, terrible terrible miniseries.

>Also wouldn't they  have more likely completely
>covered their eggs with vegetation if they did cover
>them up, instead of just leaving them partially
I was wondering the same thing.

>>Which TV series (not kids or cartoons) is the best for
>>getting the DVD's of?
I'd recommend Babylon 5. But then, I'm a collosal nerd.

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