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Msg. from Silvio Renesto FWD:

A previous post to the dinolist became truncated, I understand. Here is
the same message in its entirety, forwarded from Silvio Renesto.

Renesto Silvio Claudio wrote:

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> Da: david peters
> A: Renesto Silvio Claudio
> Inviato: 23/12/2003 0.25
> Oggetto: Re: err...asking for a help
> I have never been convinced about the hemipenes story. Such structures
> are present also in the much, much  smaller Tanytrachelos where are
> proportionally very huge. The problem is that apparently these extra
> bones are present only in some of the mature specimens of both genera
> and not in others, and it seems not due to preservation. This is an
> obstacle which seemingly forces toward interpretations implying sexual
> dimorphism. Olsen (1980 I believe)in his preliminary description of
> Tanytrachelos reversed the hypothesis and suggested that these bones
> might have supported an egg pouch. Surely a speculation, but not less
> reasonable  than hemipenes. If it could be ascertainerd that these
> extra bones were not a sex related character, the gates to new
> functional intepretations become open.