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sauroparental care

As usual by the time I get around to seeing my messages (very early in the 
morning) my comments have been over taken. Any how I'll try one more shot at 
this subject. I think that the sauropods have developed a unique strategy. At 
first there is very little they could do to protect their offspring and get 
enought to eat. (Now the hadrosaurs do start out with a K approach, but they 
are smaller and closer to the size of their off spring.) So for better or worse 
they need to start with a R strategy. The adults go where they have to for food 
and the kids go where they have stuff to eat and places to hide.

Later after the kids have grown to a significant size they would be able to 
join up with a similar or even the same group they started with. Now the 
strategy shifts to a K strategy ala elephants and portect the kids as a troop.

If that holds true then there is a rather unique approach.

paul sparks