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re: Tanystropheus

1-is there any evidence that T. could swimm underwater as shown in the fiction?
2-has the evolution of a long neck been suggested for this kind of fishing?
3-is there any evidence that long-tailed prolacertiforms could lose part of 
their tail and still live?
Thanks in advance for the answers
Merry Xmas and happy new year to all

Because there's nothing quite like it today, Tanystropheus will probably always 
remain something of a mystery.
IMHO, the easiest way to balance such a long neck is vertically, like balancing 
a broom on the tip of your finger.
So place Tanystropheus in that context, place it where it can find food and, 
like Buddha and Newton, 
you find him at the base of a tree. Either that, or fighting other Tanys 
vertically for dominance. Maybe both.

I haven't seen evidence of prolacertiforms able to lose their tail either.

David Peters
St. Louis