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RE: Whose the "Tuck" in Heterodontosaurus tucki?

From: "Allan Edels" <edels@msn.Com>
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To: <htomsirveaux@hotmail.com>, "Dinosaur Mailing List" <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Subject: RE: Whose the "Tuck" in Heterodontosaurus tucki?
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 02:20:00 -0500


The closest thing to an answer to your question is to be found back on
2/13/2002 in the DML.  The tail end of the message from Robert G. Tuck
Jr. reads:

        "It's my understanding that that most wonderful of all
dinosaurs,      _Heterodontosaurus tucki_, received its specific epithet
from a generous         patron (and my still long-lost wealthy "uncle")
who funded the recovery of,     and research on, this splendid example
of such a noble creature. :-)

        -= Tuck =-"

This may only be a starting point in your search.

Good luck,

Allan Edels

From the 1962 description by Crompton and Charig:

"Derivation of name. In recognition of the generous help afforded to the Expedition by Mr. G. C. Tuck, managing director of the Austin Motor Co. of South Africa (Proprietary) Ltd."

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