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Re: Refuting New Nostril Placement of Sauropods! - NOPE!

(...)> Diplodocus carnegiei.
> http://dino.lm.com/images/display.php?id=624
> While I see a little similarity to the nasal structures of the skull of a
> komodo dragon,(the ridge between the bony nares especially)
> seen here:
> http://www.boneclones.com/images/bc027_web-lg.jpg
> the komodo dragon seems to have deep indentations at the end of the snout
> where it's fleshy nostrils are located in life,unlike the skull of
> Diplodocus.

> John Bridgman

But maybe you didn't notice the low hump (lit in blue) on the top of the
snout, which is very similar, although much lower, to the one of the Komodo
monitor and that indicates IMHO the front extension of the fleshy nares in

Cheers - Luc J. BAILLY.