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Vlad, et al:

The first dinosaurs named in the USA were: _Deinodon horridus_,
_Trachodon mirabilis_, _Palaeoscincus costatus_, and _Troodon formosus_.
These were named by Joseph Leidy in 1856.  (They were found by Ferdinand
Von Hayden in what is now Montana, around 1854-1855 - in the Judith
River formation).  Note that all but one of these names are no longer
considered valid.  (The valid one is, of course, _Troodon_).

Concerning the 1839 date for _Laelaps_:  
Considering that Cope named the specimen that was found in New Jersey
soon after its discovery, and that Cope was born in 1840, the 1839 date
is wrong for the fossil now known as _Dryptosaurus_.  More likely, the
1839 date refers to a particular species of the tick _Laelaps_ (I've
seen one paper dated 1836, and there are several species).

Allan Edels

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> >Also, does anyone know, how would this table continue?
> >Countries according to first dinosaur description:
> >1.) UK (Megalosaurus) 1824
> >2.) Germany (Plateosaurus) 1837
> >3.) France (*Poekilopleuron*) 1838
> >4.) USA (*Laelaps*=Dryptosaurus) 1839
> *Laelaps* Cope wasn't named until 1866, ten years after the first
> dinosaurs.

Yeah, *Hadrosaurus foulkii* was described in 1858, IIRC. Still, I've
seen this date (1839) for *Laelaps* in various sources, but it wasn't
description (Cope was born in 1840) but just a  mention.
I've also made some further research on countries, and these are numbers
from 1999 (so there should be about 60 more genera distributed within
some countries to get current results):
1.) USA 113
2.) China 63 (?) +33 invalid
3.) Mongolia 55
4.) Canada 41
5.) UK 41
6.) Argentina 40
7.) France 20
8.) India 10
9.) Germany 10
10.) Portugal 10
11.) Australia 10
12.) RSA 10
13.) Spain 9
14.) Niger 8
15.) Uzbekistan 8
16.) Tanzania 8
17.) Morroco 6
                             Cheers, Vlad


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