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Dino Hole In One * The Terrible Lizards of Trotternish * Virtual Display to Generate Real Profits * Large Yunnan Dinosaur Find

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**  The cannibal dinosaur
The Majungatholus atopus is big, 30 feet long, 2 tons, and as a relative of
T. rex has suitably nasty family credentials

**  Dinosaur egg discovered in Argentina
At least 5,000 dinosaur egg remains, including those of a species thought to
be unknown, have been found in southern Argentina

**  "New" Flier Swoops Into Dinosaur Hunter's Bestiary
A new species of African pterosaur - a type of dinosaur-era flying reptile
whose ancestors prowled the sky millions of years before the first bird ever
flapped its wings - has taken flight in Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory


**  The terrible lizards of Trotternish
"It looks like the jury is coming out on the theropod argument," says Dr
Neil Clark, curator of paleontology at Glasgow University's Hunterian
Museum, who has done a lot of work on the remains of Skye's ancient reptiles

**  Large dinosaur fossils discovered in Yunnan
Dong said the dinosaurs were over 20 meters tall with a long neck and a huge

**  Book Review: 'Sea Dragons': wiggling in prehistory
Ellis says, while the land dinosaurs disappeared in a cataclysmic event, it
is believed that the extinction of the great sea creatures took 20 million
years, concluding with a "final curtain call" at the time the terrestrial
dinosaurs died out

**  Virtual display to generate real profits
A trailer film for an exhibit of an allosaur, a dinosaur which lived in the
forests of southern Australia 115 million years ago, gave a taste of the
lush graphics and visual depth of which the system is capable

**  Attraction thrives on Jurassic model
The dinosaur sculptures are not exactly Rodins (or Rodan, the monster from
the classic Japanese movies, for that matter), but their artists have done a
fair job of trying to replicate their subjects.

**  Strange But True:  A golf story with a dino-difference

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