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Re: Noasaurus and Masiakasaurus

--- Andrew McDonald <equinox28@msn.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Andrew McDonald.  I am a high school senior with a tremendous 
> interest in dinosaurs (obviously), and I am new to the list.
> I am planning a restoration of Noasaurus.  I would like your opinions on how 
> acceptable it would be to use Masiakasaurus as a model.  I am uncertain 
> because the two animals' lifestyles were probably quite different, given the 
> great disparities in their pedal anatomy and dentition.

Pedal anatomy is unkown for _Masiakasaurus_, and may even be unknown for
_Noasaurus_, since the identification of the ungual as pedal is not certain.

> I know Ligabueino is fragmentary, but can it reveal anything more about
> Noasaurus? Thanks for your help.

Well, it does have pedal elements....

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