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Re: mini-marine reptiles [was diminutive dinosaurus]

> > adult dinosaur would fit in the palm of your hand
> > example?

Some interesting point there. thanks. Same question/
different group: plesiosaurs. Possible reversion to a
pachypleurosaur size? (I'm not implying direct
ancestry, but the common ancestor of all
sauropterygians was probably very small). 

Perhaps fully marine tetrapods tend to increase size
because they breathe air, and hence can't remain
hidden from predators in crevices. This would explain
the trend in cetaceans and other extinct reptile
groups. In contrast semi-aquatic tetrapods can remain
small or attain even smaller sizes because they can
use the land as a refuge. Juat an idea. 

One thing remains true; a shrew-sized dolphin would
make a great pet. And a shrew-sized plesiosaur would
have made an even better one! 


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