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Re: diminutive dinosaurs

> I wasn't suggesting it as an equivalent question, but as a more
> question. The node of Clade _Aves_ (sensu lato) is no longer terribly
> significant, now that its boundaries have been blurred by newer
> Indeed, most times people say "non-avian dinosaur" they would be better
> saying, e.g., "extinct dinosaur", "Mesozoic dinosauromorph", "non-avialan
> dinosaur", "non-neornithean dinosauromorph", "nonvolant dinosauromorph",
> some other phrase that relates more specifically to the topic at hand.

Wwwwell. If I won't personally convince Gauthier (and de Queiroz?)
otherwise, or if nobody else will present a definition of *Aves* at the
congress in July, the PhyloCode will give *Aves* a crown-group definition.