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Re: Noasaurus and Masiakasaurus

Jaime A. Headden wrote-

> *Elaphrosaurus* has a very similar leg and shows a
> foot that bears long, flattened phalanges that are nearly identical to
> that of *Ligabueino* and a little longer than *Masiakasaurus.* This
> suggests the absence of a switchblade-utility, as there is no means to
> retract this claw as seen in switchblade bearers like troodontids and
> dromaeosaurids, but it is not saying they didn't have the largish claw
> without having the hyper-extensible toe. But it does raise doubts on
> *Noasaurus* having a large, hooked toe claw.

Regardless of the condition in Noasaurus, Ligabueino would appear to have a
hyperextendable pedal digit judging by its illustrated phalanx.  This bone
exhibits the prominant proximoventral heel seen in pedal phalanx II-2 of
deinonychosaurs, and has a protruding dorsal articular surface.  This is
unlike Elaphrosaurus or the preserved phalanx of Noasaurus.  A similar
morphology is not mentioned for Masiakasaurus, but the pedal description is
brief and the elements unillustrated (besides the skeletal reconstruction).

Mickey Mortimer