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Re: A Running Gojira

Gag! The mutant iguana was NOT Godzilla. It is an insult to the true 
dinosaurian Godzilla. :-)

>>> <MariusRomanus@aol.com> 12/30/03 18:47 PM >>>
Right off the bat... This isn't an open invitation to bash the movie up against 
a brick wall.

With that said... I decided to watch the American "Godzilla" and much to my 
delight, I noticed something very intriguing about the way Gojira moved. The 
hind legs were always bent, akin to a tyrannosaur's. But the real kicker was 
the way it ran. A few times in the distant past, the running rex of "Jurassic 
Park" raised its head here on the DML. One of these forays came from Thom Holtz 
I believe... something about how the animators were gloating about being the 
first to correctly animate the tyrannosaur in a full blown run, but in reality, 
it was moving in a way that would have propelled it along at a meager 10 mph, 
rather than 32 mph. ("We clocked the T. rex at 32 mph") Something that makes 
John Hutchinson smile I suppose.  Anyway, if you have the movie, pop it in your 
DVD or tape player and watch the thing run. You really get a good look in the 
ending sequence with the cab chase. Gojira bounces right along... Boing! Boing! 
Boing!... A beautiful suspended phase and all. It m!
ed just like I have always envisioned a tyrannosaur running... Two pogo sticks 
with a really big mouth. I spoke with my cousin about this. (Michael Joyce. 
He's and FX guy, worked on the movie. www.cpsfx.com  Check out the "CPS Demo 
Reel" linked on that webpage. It'll show you some of the work he's done.) And 
sure enough, when Patrick Totopolous designed Gojira for the movie, he did his 

It's the little details in movies that are considered terrible that can 
sometimes make them a bit more watchable... For me anyway.