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Re: Clarifying Hierosaurus sternbergi

since I named Niobrarsaurus, I guess I know the answers.
Niobrarasaurus coleii (Mehl 1936) replaced Heirosaurus coleii Mehl 1936 because 
it was near impossible to find anything unique about H. sternbergi Wieland 
1909. Since I could not write a diagnosis for it, that made it a nomen dubium 
(a "dubius name"). This in turn left H. coleii without a generic name, so 
Niobrarasaurus was created.

As for Nodosaurus, Coombs thought H. coleii was synonymous despite the tens of 
millions of years separating them. I have shown (with Kirkland) that it is a 
valid taxon that can be differentiated from all other ankylosaurs.


>>> "Tommy Bradley" <htomsirveaux@hotmail.com> 12/30/03 19:26 PM >>>
if I have this straight...

*Hierosaurus coleii* (Mehl, 1936) = *Niobrarasaurus coleii*

*Hierosaurus sternbergi* (Wieland, 1909) is a nomen dubium.  Is it included 
*Nodosaurus textilis*?  Or is that an old, outmoded idea?

One more question:  Several sources said that the reason for the generic 
(*Hierosaurus* = "Sacred lizard") is unknown.  Anybody have a clue?

Pre-emptive thanks,
Tommy Bradley

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