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Re: Crylophosaurus and Jurassic Antarctica

James Watson wrote-

> I am wondering about the Antarctic dinosaur named Crylophosaurus.  All the
newer books about the early > Jurassic environment in Antarctica only have
Crylophosaurus, a few small mammals, and some pterosaurs
> but scientists think that Crylophosaurus grew to 6-7 metres (18-24 feet)
and could weight about 1300- 1600 > kg (2860-3520 pounds) so I am wondering
if any of you out there know if there were any Ornithepods or
> Prosauropods living with Crylophosaurus as a food source.

A prosauropod was found, but not named-

undescribed plateosaurid (Hammer and Hickerson 1994)
Sinemurian-Pliensbachian, Early Jurassic
Hanson Formation, Antarctica
Material- distal femur, astragalus, metatarsal I, metatarsal II, metatarsal
III, metatarsal IV

Mickey Mortimer