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RE: Crylophosaurus and Australia

my question is as Australia was connected to Antartica, what is the likelyhood of the Australian 'polar' Allosaur actually being related to crylophosaurus? Both continents were linked and only a foot bone has been found of the allosaur (i believe)

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>From: jamesfwatson@rogers.com >Reply-To: jamesfwatson@rogers.com >To: >Subject: Crylophosaurus and Jurassic Antarctica >Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 12:31:16 -0500 > >Hi All, > >I am wondering about the Antarctic dinosaur named Crylophosaurus. All the newer books about the early Jurassic environment in Antarctica only have Crylophosaurus, a few small mammals, and some pterosaurs but scientists think that Crylophosaurus grew to 6-7 metres (18-24 feet) and could weight about 1300- 1600 kg (2860-3520 pounds) so I am wondering if any of you out there know if there were any Ornithepods or Prosauropods living with Crylophosaurus as a food source. > >James Watson, Toronto >(age 10) > >

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