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Re: Crylophosaurus and Jurassic Antarctica

Jordan Mallon wrote-

I believe there's also some undescribed hypsilophodont and ankylosaur material from the antarctic as well, no?

Yeah, and a hadrosaur and megalosaur or carnosaur too, but these all lived later in the Mesozoic, while the prosauropod is from the same formation as Cryolophosaurus.

Phil Hore wrote-

my question is as Australia was connected to Antartica, what is the likelyhood of the Australian 'polar' Allosaur actually being related to crylophosaurus? Both continents were linked and only a foot bone has been found of the allosaur (i believe)

Well, the Australian astragalus is Early Cretaceous compared to Cryolophosaurus being Early Jurassic, so it's rather like asking if Dilophosaurus is related to Acrocanthosaurus because they were both from North America. :-)
In actuality, Cryolophosaurus seems to be related to Dilophosaurus, "D."sinensis and Zupaysaurus, from what I've seen, while "Allosaurus" "robustus" is closest to Fukuiraptor.

Mickey Mortimer

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