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To the New Year!

  In the two months I have been on the list,
I have found answers to many questions that have always been puzzling to me
(Saichania and Styracosaurus details),been vindicated in some beliefs
(Unlikelyhood of anterio-rostrally placed fleshy nares in Diplodocids,at
least) and shown to be in error in others (The relationship between
dinosaurs and our fine feathered friends)
As quick as some on this list are to correct someone in error,I take lack of
refuting the reasons why I find flaws with presented material (Inaccuracies
in movies and documentaries,questioning how a 45 foot long adult diplodocid
could be positively identified as a species of Diplodocus itself,meaning
that whatever THAT particular diplodocid was, THAT was the only species that
may HAVE to be restored with the dermal spines that Czerkas described) to
mean that I must be right.