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Re: Therizinosauria or Segnosauria? (was RE: New Dino...)

In a message dated 1/31/03 9:12:58 PM EST, ratites637@hotmail.com writes:

<< Been in the Archives, okay.  Out of curiousity, if one were to define 
 Segnosauria as a the same clade as Therizinosauria, then which name would 
 have priority? >>

Segnosauria would have priority, but ICZN does not deal formally with taxa 
above the family level, so it's a matter of popular acceptance. For example, 
Goniopoda has priority over Theropoda, but nobody currently uses Goniopoda. 
There hasn't been enough time since the coining of Segnosauria and 
Therizinosauria to tell which is acceptable according to the 
popular-acceptance criterion, so use the one you like best and thus cast your 
popular-acceptance vote. I'm for Segnosauria, with Therizinosauroidea as an 
included subfamily. I'm also for Coeluria over Coelurosauria by priority, but 
that's an uphill battle.