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Re: Screaming dromaeosaur biplane killers of the air

> > <Since there is no evidence for the ability to flap the legs the leg
> > feathers were purely for generating lift for pertinent purposes, they did
> > not generate thrust.>

If the leg feathers were held in a semi-horizontal plane in a
flightworthy position, if they were capable of transmitting flight loads
to the hindlimb skeleton, and if they were held stationary behind a
flapping forelimb wing, then they did help generate thrust.

R: How an inert airfoil will contribute thrust in addition to lift is not at 
all clear. In any case the leg wing, being very large, would produce lots of 
drag. All the more so since the leg itself was not aerodynamically 
streamlined like the arms. So any thrust gain if any should have been 
canceled out by the drag. For assorted reasons the leg wings were probably 
not used during normal flight.