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Re: Screaming dromaeosaur biplane killers of the air

Mickey Mortimer (Mickey_Mortimer111@msn.com) wrote:

<And as Ornithothoraces is a node-based clade defined using Iberomesornis
and neornithines, "basal ornithothoracines" with laterally grooved
furculae (eg. Protopteryx and Longipteryx) are not ornithothoracines at

  Never said they were. Don't think I even brought those taxa up. As for
*Boluochia*, thanks for the clarification, but I was under the impression
that a furcula was present. Not that I trust his figures, but Hou (1997)
shows a bowed element near the distal pubis that may be one, but I have
not seen photos of this specimen either. Not yet, anyway. My attempt at
inclusion of *Boluochia* was to indicate the radiation of ornithurines,
which show a remarkable generalization of the furcular form with very
little variation (*Gastornis* is an example of variation).


Jaime A. Headden

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