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Re: Pelecanimimus was ( Re: Hello again, and Re: The Monster of Aramberri again)


The original description of _Pelecanimimus_ appeared in Nature, volume 370, pages 363-367. That was August, 1994. There is a phograph of the complete (well, all the parts known then) skeleton before preparation, both under natural and ultraviolet light.


Bernardino P. Pérez -Moreno.
Unidad de Paleontología
Departamento de Biología
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
28030 Madrid

Chris Collinson escribió:

First: The occipital crest of _Pelecanimimus_ was clearly seen in the

ultraviolet photos of the unprepared skull.  It was even slightly
visible under ordinary light. It was probably some kind of cartilaginous
structure, although this is just conjectural. Surely, it was some kind
of soft tissue. In the original paper in Nature there is a ultraviolet
photography of the skeleton. You can check it there

What issue of Nature did those UV photos appear in?
-Chris Collinson