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New refs (from Italy)

Articles in the last issue (42/2-3, 2002) of the Bollettino della Società
Paleontologica Italiana. See:


SIROTTI A. & PAPAZZONI C., 2002, On the Cretaceous ichthyosaur remains from
the Northern Apennines (Italy), Boll. Soc. Paleont. It., 42(2-3): 237-248,

and (shameless self-promotion)

DALLA VECCHIA F. M. & AVANZINI M., 2002, New findings of isolated remains
of Triassic reptiles from northeastern Italy, Boll. Soc. Paleont. It.,
42(2-3): 215-235, Modena.

ABSTRACT - Reptilian remains from the Middle and Upper Triassic of
northeastern Italy are described. The placodont _Placodus_ is reported from
the upper Anisian of Trento Province. The same site has yielded remains of
_Nothosaurus_ and a pachypleurosaur. A large humerus  possibly belonging to
_Pistosaurus_ has been found in the upper Anisian-lower Ladinian of the
same Province. Further Eusauropterygian remains occur in the lower Carnian
of northern Friuli. The third report of the prolacertiform _Tanystropheus_
in northeastern Italy is from the upper Ladinian of Trento province. The
ichthyosaur _Shonisaurus_ is found for the first time in the Triassic of
Italy. Ichthyosaur teeth are described from the Ladinian of Carnia (Udine
province). A small dorsal scute of a terrestrial archosaur is reported from
the pelagic upper Anisian of Belluno province. Archosaurian teeth have been
found in the upper Ladinian to upper Carnian of Friuli and Dolomites. These
remains show the relative abundance of fossil reptiles in the Triassic of
northeastern Italy