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Oviraptorid pelvic structure question

first of all, finally a neat depiction of Ingenia at dino.lm.com, thanks 

but one thing buggs me a bit, how is it that M.Auditore and J.Headden has 
made such different pelvic structures in their versions of Khaan 
mckennai? One should expect a greater similarity when two very good 
artists make their serious reconstruction of the skeleton of the same 
species, especially the ischium looks very different in the two versions.

are these based on two different specimens, or is there another "sp" out 

Again, as said in the beginning, its been long time since good skeletal 
material was available so easy, without having to browse through original 
references, which sometimes can be impossible to find:)

--------Øyvind M. Padron--------