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Re: Oviraptorid pelvic structure question

Øyvind M. Padron (padron@stud.ntnu.no) wrote:

<but one thing buggs me a bit, how is it that M.Auditore and J.Headden has
 made such different pelvic structures in their versions of Khaan
mckennai? One should expect a greater similarity when two very good
artists make their serious reconstruction of the skeleton of the same
species, especially the ischium looks very different in the two versions.
are these based on two different specimens, or is there another "sp" out

  Well, it's not hard to maker different pubic orientations between our
skeletons, as the pubes are disarticulated in both specimens of *Khaan
mckennai* as described by Clark, Norell, and Barsbold. These show the
pubic separated from the ilium, and I chose to rearticulate them in a
manner similar to other articulated oviraptorid pubes, as in
*Conchoraptor* and GI 100/42. (Note: only *Ingenia* has a consistently
curved pubis, all other oviraptorid pubes I've seen with the exception of
a cast specimen I have not been able to find out what it was cast _from_,
have a distinct anglation in their shafts, as in *Chirostenotes*, but do
in fact angle caudally in the proximal end and might be termed
pseudo-opisthopubic.) I would consider Marco's reconstruction just as
plausible as mine, except we may be working from different interpretations
of the material at hand. The close ups I have seen of the *Khaan* hip
don't help much.

  Thanks for the praise about *Ingenia*, but it has its errors ... the hip
is from another specimen and is under-scaled, whereas I portray the trunk
too short. This will be emended.


Jaime A. Headden

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