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re: New refs (from Italy) [Eusauropterygia]

--- aegyptiacus@aol.com wrote: > 

>> "Eusauropterygia? Is there false Sauropterygians out
> there? ;)"

Adam,University of Bristol: >Eusauropterygia was proposed by Storrs
(1993)for a
more exclusive clade within Sauropterygia. However, subsequent revision of
sauropterygian interrelationships (Rieppel, 1998)revealed it to be
polyphyletic and therefore redundant. I wasn't aware the term was still in
formal use. Am I missing a key reference?

RIEPPEL (2000) - Sauropterygia I. In Wellnhofer P. (ed.), Handbuch der
Paläoherpetologie, part 12A, 134 pp., Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, München.

Incidentally, Rieppel reviewed our paper.

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia