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Re: Oviraptorid pelvic structure question

At 09.40 03/02/2003 -0800, you wrote:
  Well, it's not hard to maker different pubic orientations between our
skeletons, as the pubes are disarticulated in both specimens of *Khaan
mckennai* as described by Clark, Norell, and Barsbold. These show the
pubic separated from the ilium, and I chose to rearticulate them in a
manner similar to other articulated oviraptorid pubes, as in
*Conchoraptor* and GI 100/42.

I've seen the skeleton of GI 100/42 in an exposition of the Gobi desert dinosaurs, and the pelvic elements weren't articulated. The pubis was curved like that of my skeletal reconstruction. I has the suspect that the pelvic elements of the oviraptorids (and maybe caenagnathids) were articulated in a manner like that of my reconstructions from some time, and this idea was strenghtened by the fossil of the holotype of Heyuannia huangi pelvic elements, and above all, by the ARTICULATED pelvic elements of PC 100/2112, the "Ingenia"sp. by Lu, Dong, Azuma, Barsbold and Tomida, 2002 (that probably is another Citipati sp.): the proximal pubis and ischium (distally are not preserved) are absolutely opisthopubic. Only that, if we add the distal part of these two bones (taken from other oviraptorids), we have the pseudo opisthopubic orientation that I made for the disarticulated pelvic girdle of Citipati sp. and Khaan mckennai in the manner that You have seen in the Dinosauricon.
Is possible that the pseudo opisthopubic orientation of the oviraptorids (and maybe caenagnathids) was a common character of all enigmosaurs, extremizated in segnosaurs. Naturally this is only conjectural, only an idea.

I hope that my words are understandable, I don't speak English very well.