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Re: Chris Brochu reviews _King of the Crocodylians_

Not to contradict our distinguished Mary Kirkaldy (whose last name I will
NEVER again mispronounce):

>              this book.  A reader without access to the primary
>              and that is the kind of reader to whom this book presumably
>              aimed--will be able to sort the accurate nucleus from the
>              inaccurate flesh.
> The primary literature, of course, are papers published by Chris Brochu.
    ...and it is indeed not a contradiction, but "the man" on Deinosuchus
is, has been, and always will be Wann Langston, Jr., who still frequents the
Vertebrate Paleontology Lab here at UT Austin. While the specimens under his
thumb are not mine to discuss, there are more than a few (although, from my
perusal of Schwimmer's book, the East Coast specimens are apparently better
preserved). The eventual publication will greatly expand our knowledge of
this taxon.
    Naturally, I don't want to discount HP Brochu's work. Langston will
readily admit he isn't a "cladist," and Brochu's understanding of Eusuchian
anatomy and relationships (and his tendancy to publish regularly) have
contributed greatly to our understanding of Deinosuchus. I just wanted to
interject this in case Brochu is too busy to do so himself.

    Me, I'm saving up for the IUP volume: Champsosaurus: King of the Frying