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Re: New Dinosauricon Taxon Pages: _Therizinosauria_

Just for the record, the following is a version of method M which can be
seen here http://phylocode.miketaylor.org.uk/misc/species.html. Discussion
about the (dis)advantages of each of those methods is in

Philip D. Cantino, Harold N. Bryant, Kevin de Queiroz, Michael J. Donoghue,
Torsten Eriksson, David M. Hillis & Michael S. Y. Lee: Species Names in
Phylogenetic Nomenclature, Systematic Biology 48(4), 790-807 (1999)

A few more ideas (such as abandoning species altogether) have been suggested
on the PhyloCode mailing list.

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> But, you see, the citation *is* part of the (full) name!

Alternatively, one could use the registration number or a clade address
(assuming *Velociraptor* will be defined as a clade, nothing will be wrong
with *Velociraptor mongoliensis* then, or with */Velociraptor/mongoliensis*
or whatever the format will be). Probably we'll end up with the registration
number and/or author & year being cited once per paper and clade addresses
being used then...

> _mongoliensis_ Osborn 1924 (typus _Velociraptor_)
> _mongoliensis_ Osborn 1924 (typus _Saurornithoides_)
> Thereafter in the text they could be abbreviated as _S. mongoliensis_ and
> mongoliensis_.
> If they had not been type species you could use "ref." instead of "typus".
> Imaginary example (since I can't think of a real one at the moment):
> _virginianus_ Author 1900 (ref. _Alphacladus_)
> _virginianus_ Author 1900 (ref. _Betacladus_)
> And if the second one had been subsequently referred elsewhere (say,
> _Gammacladus_), that would be mentioned, and it could then be abbreviated
> _G. virginianus_.

Good ideas for species that will not (already) have been converted (and
therefore won't have a registration number), if their relationships are
unclear (and thus a clade address likely to lead to confusion).